Community based Biodiversity Management for Climate Change Resilience (in short, CBM for Resilience Project)

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The project is to develop strategic action plans to integrate community based biodiversity management (CBM) as a strategy for on-farm management of PGRFA for sustainable food security and enhancing climate change resilience of farming communities in Africa, Central and Latin America and South Asia through -Defined priorities, targets and milestones for Strategic Action Plans to integrate CBM and its practices as a strategy to strengthen on-farm management of PGRFA for sustainable food security and to enhance the adaptive capacities of farming communities to the adverse impact of climate change (CBM for food security and climate resilience). -Identified CBM practices that enhance the adaptive capacity of farming communities to implement on-farm management of PGRFA, and increase the resilience of these communities to the impact of climate change (CBM practices). -Incorporated professional and institutional capacity-building at local, national, regional and global levels, in participatory learning and action process facilitation, documentation and strategic planning (Capacity development). -Established strategic partnerships, facilitate networking and information exchange among the farming communities and key stakeholders that ensure sustainability of SAPs for on-farm management of PGRFA in the face of climate change (Partnership and networking for sustainability).