Youth Campaign for Progress (YOCAP-Nepal

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Youth Campaign for Progress (YOCAP-Nepal) is a youth led organization established in 2006 with initiation of youth who has been working as a volunteer in different organizations. YOCAP-Nepal finally got legal entity from District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 2007 as a non-profit, non partisan, and non-government organization. It is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC), the open body for national and international NGOs working in Nepal. Human rights, Peace building, community development and environmental especially Climate Change are the major working areas of YOCAP-Nepal engaging youth and mobilizing the local resources. YOCAP-Nepal is currently running the campaign to promote the Bicycle in Kathmandu, Nepal as a clean and energy-efficient mode of transportation. Bicycle Rally was organized to launch this campaign where more than 30 Constituent Assembly lawmakers participated and expressed commitment to adopt the clean means of transportation as much as possible. YOCAP-Nepal has organized several debates, discussion and interaction to aware, advocate and empowers youth to take actions for combating climate change. Recently YOCAP-Nepal organized a "Run for the Climate" to commemorate the Climate Day (December 6, 2008) where more than 500 youths participated the Climate Parade including students, journalists, constituent assembly lawmakers, professionals. YOCAP-Nepal is also organizing the pressure programs to government to formulate the Climate Change Policy.