Center for Energy Studies/Tribuvhan University

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The Center for Energy Studies (CES) was established on January 21, 1999 (7 Magh 2055) under the umbrella of the Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University (TU). CES directly links to the trained, highly qualified manpower in various faculties of engineering and energy fields. In addition, it helps integrate the national level eminent energy experts in one place to work together.

The main objective of the Center is to enhance promotion and development of Renewable Energy Technologies through Study, Research, Human Resource Development at various levels, and disseminate, information for the sustainable development.

CES has strong relations with other universities/ institutions abroad, international/national non-governmental organizations, government and private agencies, energy entrepreneurs and professionals and this opportunity is being used to bring all the stakeholders together from academic research to field level activities for the sustainable development of renewable energy technologies.

Presently CES is also associated with the Solar Energy Foundation (SEF Nepal) to conduct project “Promotion of Biobriquette Fuel in the Rural Communities of Sidhupalchowk District, Nepal for Household Application and Income Generation to Community Forestry Users Groups” under Grant Agreement No. US.245.2.1.PO-10-0593 of SARI/Energy India.