Local Youth Alliance for Climate Change-Nepal (LYACC)

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We know that climate change disproportionately affects the poorest people in the world who not only have the least capacity to respond and adapt to such rapid environmental change, but are historically the least responsible for its causes. These poor communities are directly or indirectly dependent upon the natural resources which are at high risk to climate change. Therefore conservation of such areas are essential to keep natural resources healthy and productive so they can withstand the impacts of climate change and continue to provide the food, clean water, shelter and income communities rely upon for survival. The living conditions of rural communities, whose livelihoods are already threatened by climate change, will significantly worsen without immediate action. The proper management of protected/natural areas can help empower marginalized human populations or community groups. The Alliance was formed to secure an equitable deal for the poorest communities in, who are exposed to increasingly severe and unpredictable weather events that can devastate communities, destroy livelihoods and exacerbate poverty.