Practical Action Nepal Office

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Practical Action is an international development agency working with poor communities to help them choose and use technology to improve their lives for today and generations to come. Our work in Africa, Asia and Latin America is in partnership with poor people and their communities, building on their own knowledge and skills to come up with innovation, sustainable and practical solutions. Our work is people focused, locally relevant, environmentally sensitive and offers tangible ways out to poverty. Through our work we demonstrate alternatives, share knowledge and influence change.

Practical Action was founded in 1966 by the radical economist EF Schumacher, author of ‘Small is Beautiful’, and has built up a reputation as a respected organisation that leads the sector on issues of technology and poverty reduction.

In 1979, Practical Action started its work in Nepal, initially concentrating on the development and transfers of micro-hydro technologies, building the capacities of local manufacturers and rural entrepreneurs, and advocating for appropriate policies and institutions in the micro-hydro sector. After establishment of the Country Office in the 1998, Practical Action diversified its activities into other forms of renewable energy and expanding into agro processing, rural transport and disaster management. Since 2003, Practical Action’s programme in Nepal has been directed by the four International Programme Aims (IPAs): reducing vulnerability; Markets and livelihoods; Improving access to useful services. Systems and structures; and Responding to new technologies.

Practical Action believes that the right intervention however small-can create jobs, improve health and livelihoods, give access to services and help people lead better lives. In its every effort, Practical Action aims to bring about positive and lasting changes in people’s lives. Practical Action’s programmes are driven by the needs of both the rural and urban poor, and are launched through partnership with government, non government (I/NGOs) and private sector stakeholders. In Nepal, Practical Action is operating through a General Agreement and separate Project Agreements with the Social Welfare Council of the Government of Nepal.

Climate Change Work:
Adaptation to Climate Change
Survey and studies
Field Implementation
Awareness raising
Knowledge production and dissemination
Advocacy and influencing