Hindu Kush Himalayan Benthological Society

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Hindu Kush Himalayan Benthological Society (HKH BENSO) is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental research oriented scientific organization founded by an enthusiastic scientific community including national and international research scientists. It conducts and promotes research on freshwater resources, climate change and environment building excellence in freshwater conservation. It implements various programs so as to promote sustainable wetland management and planning, built up mechanism of networking between various stakeholders and enhance community awareness for wetland conservation and management.

Established in 2006, HKH BENSO has been conducting research in both lotic and lentic ecosystems of Nepal. Long term monitoring and database management for the study of climate change impacts is one of the major objectives of HKH BENSO. Besides these, HKH BENSO also conducts awareness raising campaigns at grassroots level. Currently, HKH BENSO is serving as a secretariat to Local Youth Alliance for Climate Change – Nepal (LYACC).