Clean Energy Nepal

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Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is a non profit organization established with a vision of creating sustainable Nepal where right to clean environment is ensured for all. Its mission is to educate and aware people on issues related to climate change, energy and other environmental issues and to reduce air pollution and global warming impacts to natural and human system.

Established in 2000, CEN has been conducting awareness raising campaigns of big magnitudes. CEN has been able to reach each and every section of society in order for it to fulfill its vision.

Currently CEN is also serving as a secretariat to:
• Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN) is a semi-formal network comprising of national and international organisations working on climate change related issues in Nepal.
• Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) is country network of Clean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia Center), a regional network working for clean air in Asia.
• Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is a coalition of Nepali youth and youth groups tackling climate change, the biggest challenge of our generation.
• Climate Action Network Nepal (CAN Nepal) – a national node of Climate Action Network South Asia which in turn is the regional node of CAN International.