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Renewable Energy over Climate Change and Vulnerabilities; Need,Relevance and Efforts in Nepal
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Author: Ranjan Parajuli
Publisher: www.environmental-expert.com
Published Year: 2009
Theme: Climate Change Mitigation & Energy Systems
Description Least Developed Countries (LCD) are suffering from the impacts of climate change and climatic variations at an alarming rate. Industrialization, human civilization and other anthropogenic activities are adversely affecting the composition of atmosphere through the increased liberation of greenhouse gases, thereby accelerating global warming. Nepal, however do not have considerable contribution to the net emission of GHGs, but the impacts of global warming makes the country vulnerable, where land and atmospheric variations are influencing degradation of agricultural land, forest and other land covers, retreat of glaciers and loss of biodiversity. Energy has also been found one of the responsible sectors among all the sectors to enhance the liberation of GHGs in Nepal, which is due to prolonged dependency on traditional energy sources/technologies. In order to reduce susceptibility to livelihood due to climate change different options can be put forward, among which promotion of green and alternative energy technologies can play a vital role not only in reducing emissions but also for sustainable development.
Posted By www.environmental-expert.com
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